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McFadden vs. Slaton


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I got Steve Slaton for Mushin Muhammad a couple of weeks ago in a trade, so with McFadden splitting with Bush and alittle banged up and Slaton looking like the real deal and getting the majority of the carries do I give him a go over McFadden in Week 4.

I know it's early in the week, but I wanted to get a pulse form the Rotoworld community on this one…very up in the air about this at the moment and help would be appreciated greatly.

Look at the numbers:

Steve Slaton vs. Jacksonville (Tied 14th most in Avg Yds Allowed)

Week 1- Chris Johnson/Lendale white…30-133-2TDs 4.4 Avg... 21.85pts

Week 2- Marshawn Lynch…19-59-1TD 3.1 Avg...9.85pts

Week 3- Joseph Addai…16-78-2TDs 4.9 Avg...16.90pts

Darren McFadden vs. San Diego (4th in most Avg Yds Allowed)

Week 1- DeAngelo/Stewart…28-139 5.0 Avg …7.65pts

Week 2- S. Young/Hall/Pittman…22-140-1TD 6.4 Avg …13.85pts

Week 3- NY Jets…we'll see tonight (hopefully my Jets run all over them)

Slaton-31-159-1TD-5.1 Avg., 7rec. 14yds…21.15pts (Two Weeks)

McFadden-44-252-1TD-5.7 Avg., 5 rec. 26yds…23.40pts

Thanks for any and all input.

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I'd still go with McFadden.

I know he shares with Bush, but the Raiders have shown they can run the ball pretty decently (it's about the one thing they do pretty well.) Slaton may be a one week wonder. Still, it's pretty close, but I think McFadden has more breakout potential.

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