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Need opinions on RB decision..WHIR!!


Who would you start?  

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  1. 1. Michael Bush vs. Lendale White?

    • Michael Bush vs SD
    • Lendale White vs MIN

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Looking for opinions, I Will Help In Return..just leave a link please..im thinking Bush might actually be the better play at home vs SD DEF that is obviously giving up a lot of points this year so far..looks like McFadden is game time decision at best so you figure Bush will see plenty of action.. Lendale is going up against one of the toughest run defenses in the NFL and i expect that to be a very low scoring game..any thoughts? thanks..

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It's not as clear-cut as everyone wants to make it seem. Sure, LenWhale will have a hard time running inside, but that doesn't account for the dumb luck associated with being a gaolline back. Bush could be side-staged by McFadden and at the same time they could be passing from behind the entire time. Then again, Kerry Collins could be a pancake by the end of the game and all hell could break loose. This call screams of watching the Internet and game reports for McFadden's status. If there's not a clear answer, I might even go with the Whale because you're almost certain of him getting at least 40% of the carries with the goal lines being the obvious carrot on the end of the stick. If McFadden is going to play, then I'd start him because the Raiders will run the ball at least 30 times, even in a losing effort, which means 15 carries for McFad, meaning you'll get consistency with that approach.

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